Fan Fiction        
         Angel of Darkness: Resurrection   (part 1)          Tomb Raider: Metamorphosis
         Angel of Darkness: Resurrection   (part 2)          Tomb Raider: Genesis   (part 1)
         The Emperor's Scroll          Tomb Raider: Genesis   (part 2)
         Revenge of the Aztec Gods          The Evil House
         Two Sides Of The Same Coin          A Legend Is Born
         Boaz Returns          Lara Croft: Sweet Revenge
         Overcast          Lara's Nightmare
         Revelations          Search For The Ring Of Bevera
         The Angel Returns          The Curse of Queen Maub
         The Jewel of Egypt          The Lost Tomb of Sekhemkhet
         Tomb Raider:  Aberration  (part 1)          Lara Croft and the Spirit of Bacchus
         Tomb Raider:  Aberration  (part 2)          The Darkness Returns
         Werner Von Croy's Diary          Tomb Raider:  Evolution
         Lara Croft: The Dagger of Power          The Bridge to the Underworld
         Signs of Destiny          Siberian Heat
         Life of Hoshi   (part 1)          Avalon
         Life of Hoshi   (part 2)          After Angel of Darkness
         The Future Begins          Tomb Raider: Beyond The Darkness
         Tomb Raider: Deception         

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